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Richard hi,

Thank you so much for your time and the conversation! I truly enjoy it! Very rare to find such a competent and well-informed seeker of truth (smiley).
I will be in touch and hope to catch up with you soon again.
My very best,

Joseph Rain

A series of 5 books investigating the truth, the nature of reality, the world, and who we truly are.

Hi Richard!

For the last few months I have been doing a string of podcasts and radio shows. I am overwhelmed with my good fortune to have met you and to have had the wonderful opportunity of being on your show.

So thankful that I have decided over the coming few weeks, I will be posting a more formal public thank you to you at which time I will tag you through Facebook and at the same time it will be sure to reach my followers on both my Facebook Dream Interpretation Center Inc. pages, and of course my Twitter too!

In the meantime though, watch for my tag on you and when you get it please press “LIKE”! Don’t worry. I’m doing the same!!

Take care,

Layne Dalfen
dream analyst


it was a pleasure and fun being on your show,"Tell Me your Story",You are a brilliant host and a great human being.


Dr. Richard London

Dear Mr. Richard Dugan,

On behalf of Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, he'd like to personally thank you for the time and consideration that was taken with him before, during, and after your radio talk show interview that was held Thursday, September 27, 2018.
He thoroughly enjoyed meeting and interacting with you and found your radio show to be very informative and insightful. The ease and comfort felt during the interview was very palpable and for this he is also appreciative.
He wishes you continued blessings and great success with your radio talk show and would love to keep in touch.
A heartfelt thank you from Dr. Jaffe and his staff.

Warm Regards,

Bianca Jannah Guerra
Executive Director
Dr. Jaffe MD Inc.

Hello Richard,

Thanks for the fine interview today (January 23, 2010). Please send us a link to the podcast on your site so we can link to it on ours.
Hope to meet you sometime soon,


Hi Richard,


I absolutely loved our show together. Thank you again with all my heart and soul for the honor of being your guest. You are such a genius thinker that you bring out the best in your guests (hey, that rhymes!) and you certainly held that space for me. The most fun part for me is to engage in conversation that expands us in the moment on a wide range of topics. That happened in perfect synchronicity. Very cool.Thanks again for a wonderful experience - and also for sending the link to the show, Richard.
Let’s stay in touch.All the best and love,


Hi Richard,

I was scrolling thru my sent emails and am just now realizing I never sent you a BIG thank you for the interview last Tues. It was so fun connecting and conversing with you. That interview was a real kick. I appreciate your style and knowledge base, as well as all your excellent questions!
Thank you also for working so easily with my publicist on the whole link issue.

Warm regards,
LouAnne Ludwig

Hi Richard

I want to thank you again for having me on your show to talk about my book, From Chaos to Clarity: Getting Unstuck & Creating a Life You Love, earlier this week.

I really enjoyed it and the fantastic energy you bring to the program!
As you probably know, I’m a first time author and I’m always looking for opportunities to promote my book.
So I was wondering if there’s anyone you would recommend for me to contact – maybe other shows or hosts that share your style and zest for life?

Warmest regards and thanks again!


Dear Richard,

My husband and I listened to the whole program (sa a guest on May 7, 2011) last night and I must say we were blown away. Your questions were so deep and thought-provoking, and the whole effort was really impressive. It’s rare to have an opportunity and luxury of such an extended period of time to plumb the depths of one’s emotions about music and what it does for the soul. And yet there were things we did not have a chance to probe, like the role of music in my screenwriting, which I would love to address in a possible future interview.
 In any case, thanks so much for this wonderful experience. It is a pleasure and honor to be associated with you!’s so gratifying to know how you feel. Music, I realized as I was thinking afterwards, is the breath of life for me. It was such an epiphany, and I plan to make it my mantra for the foreseeable future.

I can’t wait to talk further about music and its all-important effect on the human condition.


Award winning Author and Screenwriter:
Travels With My Lovers
FourEver Friends
Murder In The Pit

I have another interview today for a podcast.

I listened to ours two or three times last night, and I loved it! ...... but overall ..... I think we had a genuine and pure give and take, not like others I've done. I love your warm and easy-going style, and you definitely have a knack for storytelling and putting your guests at ease. I appreciate your genuine interest in the people you interview.

Thank you for your kind invitation to visit the station. I'd love to do so when I can hand deliver your copy of "My Mommy Is a Butterfly" (probably in July). We definitely have a lot of common interests that we can talk about.

Thank you, again, for the opportunity to be on your show. Many blessings to you and your family!
Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for the great interview! I look forward to the next one and yes! Spirit Traveler! If you get a chance watch Episode 3 of Great Minds on GAIA TV where I am featured with my work!

Much love,

Sonja Grace

Hi Richard,

I really enjoyed our conversation today. Thanks so much for having me on your show! You're a talented host and you ask a lot of great questions-- many I'd never had before so that keeps it interesting for me. :) Thanks for sharing my work and my program with your listeners.

I still have your show's song in my head! Let me know if you'd ever like to do another show on another topic. Sounds like there is a lot we could talk about!

All the best,

Certified Health Coach & Life Reinvention Expert

Hi Richard,

I'm right now listening to your interview from today. What a wonderful interview! I loved the questions you asked, especially about what wealth really means to us individually and how we value ourselves.

Great job! I know I'll enjoy the interview with you..(March 13, 2010)..your so relaxed and I know that will make me feel very comfortable.

I'm sure your audience will just keep expanding!

In Loving Service,

Debbie Johnson
Dear Richard

I was privilaged to be asked to do an interview with Richard Dugan on his radio show
Tell me your story - New Paradigms for a New World (January 30, 2010).
I got to tell a story and read a wonderful poem by Mary Oliver which absolutely lifts the heart.
So if you would like to put a voice to the writer who sends you the ezine Ready to Radiate then you can listen here.
I makes referance to Independance Day which was on 4th July the day on which this interview took place.

The interview is entitled
Anam cara


Tony Cuckson

Just wanted to thank you again for having me on your show, "Tell me your story"(September 25, 2010).  I had a fantastic time in meeting and talking with you about hoard of interesting things.


Jagdish C Maheshri, Ph.D.
Astro Insight


....Great show. I love the eclectic mix of people and viewpoints you present - unlike some other shows on the station which have a decidedly one-sided view point

Bruce McCormick

Hey there

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for yesterday (November 13, 2010).
I had a great time and I feel it was the most thought-full interview I had ever had.
And I have had more traffic to my website than usual.

Beth McDonald
Psychic & Astrologer

Dear Richard:

I really enjoyed your interview with Marta Greenwood (October 23, 2010).  There was so much love expressed and the assurance of God's protecting care for each of His children.  We all need to feel and know God's love for us, and you both brought that out so beautifully. And as Marta said, we can each find it in a way that is meaningful to us.

Thank you again for the opportunity to hear about Christian Science and how it can be applied in one's life.

Jeanie Stine

Hey Richard,

That was great fun yesterday, thanks so much for having me on your show (February 14, 2009)!!



Many thanks for a wonderful interview experience. You are a gracious host. Thanks again for giving me a platform to speak with you and your audience about The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes .

Hope to continue the conversation on site one of these fine days.

Warmest regards,
Adele Paula Royce
Hey, Richard,

It was great talking to you (January 10, 2009) and I will certainly spread the word about your show!
Love to you and Amrita-

Hi Richard,

I'm still chuckling about Stephen Lewis' comment about "The Church of Richard" and your indirect comment about Ron.
Very funny. Lewis had some interesting stuff to say (November 3, 2007, October 4, 2008, April 25, 2009, March 26, 2011) . That's one of the reasons I enjoy listening to your show. I'm getting introduced to new folks.



I just heard the interview that you did with the Venus Project and I wanted to say it was a great show. I really enjoyed the conversation and I am very supportive of this proposed plan (February 13, 2010) to solve our basic problems. The thing I like the most about the Venus Projet is that they offer an infrastructure of highly efficient applied science that would allow for a system without money or barter.

Thank You and Great Job!

Hanel Acevedo


I want to thank you for today's interview, I so enjoyed our talk. It was a tremendous time together and I pray that the listeners will be drawn to Christ and to a deeper understanding of forgiveness.

Please pray for me as the feedback on the book has been tremendous - and the need for so many to be set free from unforgiveness is huge.

Thank you again for inviting me on your show..

Kim Chadwell

Dear Richard:

It was a joy to be a guest on your radio show the other day (January 15, 2011). I  appreciate very much the pre-interview time that we had. You're very  good at knowing how to word and pose questions that can elicit good  answers. We've been getting feedback from Ananda listeners stating  that this was by far the best radio show that I've participated in.  And many mention that this was in large part due to your interviewing  skills. Richard, I must say, you're very good at what you do.

Thank you very much for having me on your show and I look forward to  connecting with you again someday. I wish you all the best in the work  that you are doing to bring more joy into the world.

swami kriyananda

Dear Richard 

Thank you for having me on your show (October 23, 2010). I so enjoyed talking with you and learning from you.



Hi Richard,

Just a note of thanks for your excellent interview. You clearly understand how things really work-a rare thing in my experience. I'm sure you have interesting stories about how you acquired your insights.

As for the dark night of the soul, I don't think your path will take you down that difficult road this lifetime. Perhaps you've already been there- without the tee shirt to prove it.
Nonetheless, I wouldn't discount the importance of your media work now. It's not just words that you transmit,but transformative packets of energy that spread over the electronic media.Important.

As I mentioned, I was just out there to see grand babies and plan another trip in December if all goes well. Perhaps we can meet for another chat and a walk on the beach.

Vaya con Dios,
Richard House
Dear Richard,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the opportunity to be on your wonderful show!
It was really a pleasure. You can save my email contact and then send me the link you want to for the show.
Thank you for all you provide for the many listeners you have and the many ways
in which you help us learn and raise consciousness!

Best regards,
Sherry Cormier